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Stephen convenes the scientific programme in Vienna – Facial Ageing

The International Consortium of  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ICAPS) held its 16th Annual Scientific meeting in Vienna in May this year.

Fat filling  combined with face lifting was examined in detail and determined to be the best way of restoring youth to an ageing face. Leading world experts Tim Marten and Bryan Mendelson discussed their techniques in detail with contributions from Stephen Gilbert the only NZ member of ICAPS.  Transferring the patient’s own fat  to where it has been lost  from the face  refreshes the skin by the  the transfer of stem cells contained in the fat while also helping  restore the youthful female oval shape. This combined with the multivector SMAS lift which Stephen specialises in  is the  present state of the art technique for  facial rejuvenation. The result can be further improved by the patient using suitable medical products, peels and lasers which Prescription  Skin Care provides.

Stephen Gilbert was in charge of the scientific programme which can be studied in detail  on the ICAPS website

The programme ran for three consecutive mornings with the afternoons  and evenings being devoted to experiencing the cultural delights of Vienna, the baroque art and classical music capital of the world. Highlights were the Lipizzaner horses, an opera by Mozart and  an exhibition of Gustave Klimt paintings.