ICAPS Meeting May 2013 – Singapore

Mr Stephen Gilbert was the scientific convenor for this annual meeting of the International Confederation of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. A full account can be found on the Icaps web site.

Mr Gilbert presented a paper showing his technique for facial restoration which enhances beauty as well as youth by volume replacement with the patient’s own fat at the same operation as a high extended smas multidirectional face and neck lift.

Woffles Wu presented a paper outlining how Asians are usually looking for a narrower more oval face. The modern concept of Asian and western beauty is merging both seeking high but not too wide cheek mounds set off by a mild cheek concavity I and trim jawline.


“Stephen showed his surgical approach with fat first being placed radially from a a point on the malar prominence to emphasise the soft female facial curves and then securing the foundation with a high extended multi directional biplanar smas lift but both emphasised the need to raise the maximum projection of the cheek in three quarter view (the ogee curve) to meet present ideas of beauty in Eastern and Western cultures.”

A highlight of the social program was a visit to Dr Wu’s personal night museum where amongst other lively art works he has a number lampooning Mao Zedong. Ironically, once the antithesis of capitalism, Mao has become a marketable commodity.

Stephen Gilbert is a member of the International Consortium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.To access their website, please click here.