Stephen Talks to Australian Woman’s Weekly – September 2014

Nowadays  the endoscopic brow lift  concentrates on rejuvenating the outer brow by  raising it to a level just above  the  upper margin of the orbit while leaving the inner aspect of the brow slightly lower. Botox takes care of the frown lines  between the eye brows that the brow lift  once addressed inadequately.

Fashionable brows today are low towards the nose arching slightly up wards to their  outer limit , peaking  above the outer third of the eye.  Some cultures  (eg Middle Eastern ) still  look good to the modern eye  with more arching eye brows that were the common ideal of Caucasian beauty in the recent past.

The world-wide beauty trend  is now towards the Pan Asian look. By this I mean slightly upward slanting eyes, fullness below the outer eyebrow, moderately full  over the cheek bones but   mildly sculptured below, a petite chin but full lips, emphasising the  inverted feminine facial triangle rather than squarer jaw often once  seen in Caucasian beauties. For this reason the latter commonly have botox in their masseter muscles  to slim down their jaw line.

An important addition to the lateral (outer) brow lift is the subtle filling of the upper eyelid between the outer eye  brow and the  crease above the eyelashes. This fuller  attractively shaped eye brow is the hall mark of youth and beauty  around the eye and cannot be achieved with a brow lift or upper eye lid skin removal  (Upper Blepharoplasty)  alone.

This filling is best done with the patient’s own fat which if applied in multiple tiny amounts will pick up a blood supply and remain permanently whereas hyaluronic acid fillers will always eventually reabsorb.

The brow lift was popularised in California in the 1970s by plastic surgeon Bruce Connell but the New York plastic surgeons were slow to  recognise its merits . Eventually they took it up and it became popular as an initial ” refreshing ” procedure.