“Who would you go to for a facelift?” is not a common conversation amongst friends, however I had heard, that Stephen Gilbert was the best in New Zealand. 5/5

At 49, I was really only “considering” surgical options, and wondered if I was too young. After a complimentary informal chat with Mr Gilbert’s Nurse Karen, I had my first meeting with Mr Gilbert, which not only confirmed that I was an ideal candidate, it confirmed I had come to the right Surgeon! 5/5

At my second consultation, when the real planning took place, I was looking at my photos on the computer screen, and knew I wanted to go ahead. When Mr Gilbert asked me, at my pre surgery visit, how I was feeling, I replied “nervous but excited”. He gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and said “perfect”. 4/5

I can honestly say my experience on the day of surgery and my recovery was much easier than I had imagined, and the follow up care was exceptional. But most importantly is the result, which has far exceeded my expectations. At 21/2 weeks post surgery, with the help of some makeup, I attended a cocktail function, and I returned to week after three weeks. 5/5

No one other than those I confided in, have noticed, however I have enjoyed many comments about how great I am looking. 4/5

I can’t thank the surgical and nursing team enough for their care, and Mr Gilbert for his absolutely brilliant work.” – 5/5, Joy

I came in to have my face refreshed. Although I really did look quite good for my 42 years, I was beginning to notice lines in my cheeks and looseness around the jawline. Because I am red headed, I have quite delicate skin which tends to show these changes early. I am otherwise quite slim and petite and suit a young face. 5/5

My whole interaction with Mr Gilbert and his team at the New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery was positive throughout and I would certainly go through it again in the future if I needed to. 5/5

Everything was explained very clearly. I thought the team was outstanding, caring, professional and I knew I was in good hands. 4/5

My concerns were listened to carefully, and then other suggestions were made to achieve a better overall harmonious result than I would get from a mid facelift only. This included reducing the heaviness of my upper eyelids. I am very pleased that that was done also. 5/5

Part of the treatment included attending Prescription Skin Care which is part of Stephen Gilbert’s practice for peels and rejuvenating cream. 5/5

Mr Gilbert also replaced some of the lost youthful volume in my face using fat transfers which can also refresh the skin. 4/5

I had been considering going to Thailand to have a facelift, but I realise now this would have been a real mistake because as Mr Gilbert pointed out, however good the surgeon there, he does not have the opportunity to assess me properly, he is not around to look after any complications and he usually never sees the end result so how can he improve his practice. 4/5

Overall this procedure was cheaper than going to Thailand and gave me an outstanding result.” – 5/5, Margaret 24.10.13

“Everyone I have had contact with have been professional and caring.  I knew I could trust them and the whole process went very smoothly.  Stephen was very caring, was real about what he could achieve.  Fantastic team of people.  Karen Baker was excellent, great communicator and efficient.  Thank you to Stephen and the team for what you have done for me.” – 5/5, CE

“We would like to thank Mr Gilbert and his nurse Karen for the very caring manner in helping M achieve her new look. You both made us very welcome and relaxed”  5/5, T & M

“We would not hesitate to recommend the surgery and surgeon to anyone. The results are fantastic”

“Dr Gilbert has a wonderful team – I have been taken care of very well.” – 4/5, CJD

“I felt very confident with the whole process.  The surgery nurse Karen was very supportive and always made me feel at ease.  Excellent service, excellent support, excellent result.  Thank you Stephen, Karen and Libby.” 5/5

“I love my results and appreciate the wonderful and professional care I received, as this means a lot to me and I will always remember and again appreciate this experience.  Your services are perfect as I have received such professional care – thank you all very much.” – 5/5, AP

“First rate service from Stephen and his staff. That’s why I return.” 5/5

“Was thrilled with surgery results and the care from all nurses seen.” 4/5

“Once again I am so very grateful and appreciative of your expertise, professionalism and obvious talent. The breast reduction was nothing short of a miracle for me and I blossomed as a result. Likewise the liposuction has done the same. You install in your patients an instant trust and confidence as well as handling all issues with a quiet compassion and understanding.” – 5/5, C.K.

“Loved the surgeon and staff. I think Dr Gilbert and entire practice the best ever experienced.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the world. Highly recommended – would recommend to others definitely.” 4/5